DJ, producer and promoter, originally from Slovakia.

Paulo fully succumbed to his musical passion in the end of 80s, at times when groups like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Erasure or even Michael Jackson ruled the radio and show time. After attending high school he comes across his first steps with Djing while stile being amazed by names like Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Laurent Garnier, David Morales or Westbam. Being on the continuous lookout for new musical talents and tracks, watching and searching charts from radios or visiting parties eventually led to his first steps towards Djing.

What started as a hobby eventually turned out to be a promising career under his DJ Mewin alter ego even despite he soon realized that it's not all only about DJ-ing. Studying on university is always an amazing experience and while others were partying hard he was working and producing with software like FastTracker, Acid and Rebirth.

After successfully graduating from university he became a resident DJ in Omega Club (M- Cub) in Brezno (Slovakia) and he also starts a booking agency called As an agency, they successfully managed to organize parties and events around the Slovakia. After being around for years, Paulo joined portal as line manager, promoter and part of the booking agency as well, later with official DJ for Electro Dance Generation Slovakia.

Paulo Mewini is currently representing the very top in modern techhouse, techno or melodic techno sound and he played in many of the best clubs, events and festivals around Slovakia (BeeFree, MyBeat, SunDance, Free Summer, DarkSide, Melodica, BeachTech, House Invation, Cheten Open Air, Summer Beach Rudava, Diumdisu Explode, Bassline, Nucleon, Mýtnik, etc.)

Apart from appearing in clubs or parties you can find his sets online or on Slovak radioshows (Europa 2, Radio_FM, Radio Sity, Radio YES...).

Latest activities are mainly related to:
a/ DJing
b/ Music production
c/ Diagonal Podcasts – creating music podcasts

Played with:
Da Fresh (FR), Orjan Nilsen (NO), Bryan Kaerney (IRL), Crazibiza (HU), Dj Flower (HU), Eddie Sender (CZ/SK), Michael C (CZ), Michal Breeth, Toky, Boss, Pappi, Nifra, Pico, Drahosh, Mustee, Juraj Grafik, LaCerta, Tom Haley, Dj Tlama aka JT Big, EmTyDee, Denes Toth, Stame, Elsy, Martin Cehelsky, Reddit, Imi Juhos, Bidlo aka Aqua, EKG, Pizzadox aka Juraj Klicka, KNNY, D.K.O, Progrez, T Mike, Thomas Walderson, Slavo C, Kaffu, Mola, Mathias Wolf, Rones Ronn, Smoly, Anfree & Tanya, Hasky, Makepeace, Lenka Toma (UK), Facet, Senor Kuros, Rafaell, Miss Rodez, LCo, Hamvai PG (HU), Antonyo (HU), Marcus Cooper (CZ), Newik (HU), Tripmain (CZ), Hellectro (CZ), Manania (PL), Markus Cheten, Fossi, Trix, Pete Loop, Antena, Poprednny aka Mike Pop, Mishek, Glaucoma, Akim, Pago, Truhlík, Demarco (HU), Mark Rave, Alex Dwayne, NFix (CZ), BrightShare, Mlyno, Andrew Kotwa, Vynkel, Carl O’Solavander, Tom Noir, Ballantines, Matyo, RiJay, Vinci (CH) etc...